Brigade Tracker

The Brigade Tracker tracks the status of the Army’s Brigade Combat Teams. Using open source items it lists which brigades are deployed, which are returning from deployment and which are scheduled to deploy in the future. More info here. Send tips and articles here.

DivisionBrigadeLocationTypeStatusLast Updated
1st Armored Division
1 BCT – Ready FirstFort Bliss, Texas
StrykerRedeployed to U.S. from Afghanistan deployment in Sept 20139 FEB 2014
1st Armored Division
2 BCT – Heavy MetalFort Bliss, TexasHeavy
1st Armored Division
3 BCT – BulldogsFort Bliss, TexasInfantry1-41 Infantry BN deployed to Afghanistan

Deactivating in 2015
9 Feb 2014
1st Armored Division
4 BCT – HighlandersFort Bliss, TexasHeavy
1st Armored Division
CAB – Iron EagleFort Bliss, TexasCombat Aviation Brigade
1st Cavalry
1 BCT – IronhorseFort Hood, TexasHeavy
1st Cavalry
2 BCT - Black JackFort Hood, TexasHeavyDeployed to Afghanistan, returning in March 20149 FEB 2014
1st Cavalry
3 BCT - Greywolf
Fort Hood, TexasHeavy3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment deployed to Korea for 9 months in Sept 2014 replacing 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment 4 OCT 2014
1st Cavalry
4 BCT - Long Knife
Fort Hood, TexasHeavyDeactivating in 20149 FEB 2014
1st Cavalry
CAB - WarriorFort Hood, TexasCombat Aviation Brigade
1st Infantry Division1 BCT - Devil
Fort Riley, KansasHeavy
1st Infantry Division2 BCT Dagger BrigadeFort Riley, KansasHeavyStarted year-long assignment assigned to AFRICOM in 20139 FEB 2014
1st Infantry Division3 BCT - Duke BrigadeFort Knox, KentuckyInfantryReturning from deployment to Afghanistan, complete by May 2014">

Deactivating in 2014
27 Feb 2014
1st Infantry Division4 Dragon BrigadeFort Riley, KansasInfantryDeactivating in 20159 FEB 2014
1st Infantry DivisionCAB - Demon BrigadeFort Riley, KansasCombat Aviation BrigadeDeployed to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
2nd Infantry Division1 BCT - Iron Brigade
Camp Hovey, South KoreaHeavyDEACTIVATING
6 MAR 2015
2nd Infantry Division2 BCTFort Lewis, WashingtonStryker
2nd Infantry Division3 BCTFort Lewis, WashingtonStryker
2nd Infantry Division4 BCTFort Lewis, WashingtonStrykerDeactivating in 20149 FEB 2014
2nd Infantry DivisionCAB - Talon BrigadeCamp Humphreys, South KoreaCombat Aviation Brigade
3rd Infantry Division1 BCT - RaiderFort Stewart, GeorgiaHeavyDeploying in March 2015 for several months to act as European Rotational Force and the NATO Response Force
1 MAR 2015
3rd Infantry Division2 BCT - SpartanFort Stewart, GeorgiaHeavy9 FEB 2014
3rd Infantry Division3 BCT - SledgehammerFort Benning, GeorgiaHeavyReturned from 9 month deployment to Kuwait in March 201314 FEB 2014
3rd Infantry Division4 BCT - VanguardFort Stewart, GeorgiaLight
3rd Infantry DivisionCAB - FalconHunter Army Airfield, GeorgiaCombat Aviation Brigade200 troopers from 2nd BN, 3rd AVN REG deployed to Kuwait FEB 2015
6 MAR 2015
4th Infantry Division1 BCT - Raider BrigadeFort Carson, ColoradoHeavyReturning from a deployment to Kuwait in FEB 2014

Transitioning to a Stryker Brigade in 2014
9 FEB 2014
4th Infantry Division2 BCT - Warhorse BrigadeFort Carson, ColoradoHeavyDeploying to Kuwait in FEB 2014

Deactivating in 2015
9 FEB 2014
4th Infantry Division3 BCT - Iron BrigadeFort Carson, ColoradoHeavy
4th Infantry Division4 BCT - Warrior BrigadeFort Carson, ColoradoInfantryDeployed to Afghanistan Jan 20149 FEB 2014
10th Mountain Division1 BCT - WarriorFort Drum, New YorkInfantry
10th Mountain Division2 BCT - CommandosFort Drum, New YorkInfantry1660 troops deploying to Afghanistan for 9 months in Spring/Summer 20151 MAR 2015
10th Mountain Division3 BCT - SpartansFort Drum, New YorkInfantryDeployed to Afghanistan

Deactivating in 2015
9 FEB 2014
10th Mountain Division4 BCT - PatriotsFort Polk, New YorkInfantryReturning from deployment to Afghanistan in Feb 201410 FEB 2014
10th Mountain DivisionCAB - FalconsFort Drum, New YorkCombat Aviation Brigade
25th Infantry Division1 BCT - Arctic WolvesFort Wainwright, AlaskaStryker
25th Infantry Division2 BCT - WarriorsSchofield Barracks, HawaiiStryker
25th Infantry Division3 BCT - BroncosSchofield Barracks, HawaiiInfantry
25th Infantry Division4 BCT - SpartanFort Richardson, AlaskaInfantry
25th Infantry DivisionCAB Wheeler Army Airfield, HawaiiCombat Aviation Brigade
82nd Airborne Division1 BCT - DevilsFort Bragg, North CarolinaInfantryDeploying Spring 2014 to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
82nd Airborne Division2 BCT - FalconsFort Bragg, North CarolinaInfantry
82nd Airborne Division3 BCT - PanthersFort Bragg, North CarolinaInfantryAssumed Global Response Force Oct 201310 FEB 2014
82nd Airborne Division4 BCT - FuryFort Bragg, North CarolinaInfantryDEACTIVATED25 FEB 2015
82nd Airborne DivisionCAB - PegasusFort Bragg, North CarolinaCombat Aviation BrigadeDeployed to Afghanistan August/September 20142 OCT 2014
101st Airborne Division1 BCT - BastogneFort Campbell, KentuckyInfantry
101st Airborne Division2 BCT - StrikeFort Campbell, KentuckyInfantryDeployed to Afghanistan Jan 20149 FEB 2014
101st Airborne Division3 BCT - RakkasanFort Campbell, KentuckyInfantry
101st Airborne Division4 BCT - CurraheeFort Campbell, KentuckyInfantryDeactivating in 20149 FEB 2014
101st Airborne Division101st Combat Aviation Brigade - Wings of DestinyFort Campbell, KentuckyCombat Aviation Brigade700 troops deploying to Afghanistan for 9 months in Spring 20151 MAR 2015
101st Airborne Division159th Combat Aviation Brigade - Eagle ThunderFort Campbell, KentuckyCombat Aviation BrigadeDeployed to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
173 Airborne Brigade - Sky SoldiersVicenza, ItalyInfantryHas a CO assigned as the QRF for U.S. Army Europe
2nd Cavalry Regiment - Second BragoonsVilseck, GermanyStrykerDeployed to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
3rd Cavalry Regiment - Brave RiflesFort Hood, TexasStrykerDeploying Spring 2014 to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
16th Combat Aviation BrigadeFort Lewis, Washington Combat Aviation BrigadeDeploying Spring 2014 to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014
12th Combat Aviation BrigadeAnsbach, GermanyCombat Aviation BrigadeDeploying Spring 2014 to Afghanistan9 FEB 2014

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  1. Fort Polk is in Louisiana, not New York. Just thought you all should know that there is an error.

  2. 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley KS deployed to Kuwait recently. The brigade departed late June / early July 2014 and is expected to be on deployment for 9 months.

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