Beef Ravioli Is The 2014 MRE Madness Champion


After 29 days, 3940 votes, 6 rounds and 32 MREs we have arrived at our champion: Beef Ravioli. From fifth seed in the Beef Region to the Champion, who could have imagined? Certainly not me, I had it #1 Cheese Tortellini in a walk but what do I know. Thank you for voting and particularly Doctrine Man for linking to the tournament. Maybe we’ll do this again next year?

MRE Madness Championship

MRE Madness Finals

Its time. After weeks of anticipation and hard fought battles, we have arrived. Two will enter, only one will leave a champion. In one corner, emerging from the Veggie Region, the #1 seed, Cheese Tortellini. In the other corner, representing the Beef Region, the underdog, #5 Beef Ravioli.

Lets look at how they got here. #1 Cheese Tortellini took out #8 Ratatouille, #4 Kosher and Halal, #3 Spicy Penne Pasta and #7 Chicken w/ Noodles. #5 Beef Ravioli pulled the mild upset in Round 1 taking out #4 Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce. In Round 2 it knocked out pre-tournament favorite #1 Chili Mac, followed that by beating #3 Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce and then #2 Chili w/ Beans to reach the finals.

Will #1 Cheese Tortellini finish its dominant run with a Championship? Can #5 Beef Ravioli, an underdog in every one of its matchups so far, finish its Cinderella run? The champion will be crowned Monday morning. Good luck to both competitors. You can see the whole bracket and results here.

MRE Madness Final Four

Well here we are, the Final Four. What a journey its been. Remember when Chili w/ Macaroni lost? I know, right. Crazy. Voting is through Wednesday night, may the odds be forever in your favor (you here is #1 Cheese Tortellini). Pour one out for my beloved Buffalo Chicken.

#1 Cheese Tortellini vs. #7 Chicken w/ Noodles

#2 Chili w/ Beans vs. #5 Beef Ravioli

Shoutout to Mike Denny who came up with the MRE Madness name which I should have been using this whole time.

Who Is This Man At Deutsche Bank?

I’m reading Kevin Roose’s Young Money and this passage stuck out:

The unit was run by an ex-military officer who ran it in the rigid, disciplined style of an Army platoon. Soo-jin was the only woman in the group who wasn’t an administrative assistant. And for years, anyone getting promoted within the division was put through “risk college”, an orientation program that included several boot-camp-type physical challenges. Military culture, in fact, seemed to set the tone for the entire bank–from the chief executive’s office (he, too, was a veteran) right on down to the uniformed officer, outfitted in military fatigues, who stood outside the bank’s 60 Wall Street headquarters every day and greeted employees as they entered.

The bank in question is Deutsche Bank and Mr. Roose I’m going to need a little bit more backstory on who this gentlemen is greeting people and what in the world it is he is doing.